Available courses

This course introduces students to forms of performance art documentation and archiving. Through key theories and practical examples, it investigates into how ephemeral practice is translated into physical material, its meaning for the discipline and ways of use in artistic and curatorial practice.

Drawing from a variety of theories, exercises, and interdisciplinary practice, this course guides students through the creative process of developing of a live performance art piece.

Through a variety of practical experiments, discussions of case studies, and selected readings, this class examines the practice of using task-led activities as a means to conceive and compose performance art.

This course addresses the confluence of Feminism and Performance Art. Through the analysis of key works of feminist performance artists, the class approaches the multiple positions of Feminism and analyzes how and why performance art became crucial in the dismantling of standardizations regarding gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or class.

This course offers an introduction to new immersive technologies available to performance artists such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 photo and video capture, critically addressing their impact and meaning for the field.